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Requirements for Affiliate Clubs

of the

Chinook Owners Association, Inc

Voted and Approved by the Board of Directors of the COA March 1994
Revised , voted and approved by the Board of Directors of the COA and the Multi-Breed Field Operations Department of the United Kennel Club, Inc March 1997
Effective operational date continued in October 2002
Revised, voted and approved by the Board of the COA January 2004

1. Within the Chinook Owners Association (COA), there shall be 6 official regions. There shall only be one Affiliate Club per defined region. The regions are defined by the 2003 membership population (i.e. the membership census). The COA shall undertake a regular review of the regions to ensure that they continue to reflect a balanced view of the membership population. Such review should be done at least every five years.

Northeast (51): ME (24), NH (6), VT (3), MA (12), CT (6). Non-represented states include: RI
Mid Atlantic (27): NY (10); PA (7); DE (2); MD (5); VA (3). Non-represented states include: NJ, WV
Southeast (17): KY (1), TN (2), NC (2), SC (2), GA (4), FL (6). Non-represented states include: AL, MS, LA, AR
Midwest (23): OH (4); IN (2) MI (6) WI (2); MN (3); MO (1); IL (3); NE (1); KS (1). Non-represented states include: IA
Northwest (18): WA (8), OR (3), MT (2), WY (1), AK (3), AL, Canada (1). Non-represented states include: SD, ND, ID
Southwest (32): AZ (2); CA (17); CO (9); OK (1) TX (3). Non-represented states include: NV, UT, NM, HI

2. The name of an Affiliate Club must reflect regional status. Names such as National, Global, International, Worldwide may not be included in a regional Affiliate Club’s name as it implies separate or national club status. Beneath the Affiliate Club’s name must appear the words "An Affiliate Club of the Chinook Owners Association, Inc.". All advertising paid for by an Affiliate Club and all correspondence from an affiliate must also contain this wording. At this time, COA Affiliate Clubs are not required to become a U.K.C. licensed club. If the club is intending to host U.K.C. Licensed events, the following wording must appear after the club name and before Article One: "The (CLUB NAME) is officially associated with the United Kennel Club, Inc. and affiliated with the Chinook Owners Association, Inc."

3. The by-laws of an Affiliate Club must state that the Chinooks Owners Association, Inc. is the national club of the affiliate. The Executive Board of the COA must approve approved the by-laws before they become final. The Executive Board of the COA must approve all subsequent amendments to the Affiliate Club’s Constitution and by-laws before they become final. A copy of the Affiliate Club’s accepted Constitution and By-Laws and all accepted amended Constitution and by-laws will be forwarded to U.K.C. The Affiliate Club must support the by-laws and Code of Ethics of the COA, and recognize only the U.K.C. Chinook Standard and the U.K.C. Registry, including lineage. No separate breed club or other registry is allowed. If a proposed Affiliate Club has a registry, the registry must be turned over to the United Kennel Club before the club will be accepted as an affiliate of the COA. Maintaining a database of all U.K.C. Registered Chinooks (dogs must be identified by their U.K.C. Registration Number), Chinook Crosses, plus other non-registered dogs, is accepted, provided they are identified as such and a complete copy of the database is transferred to the COA annually for inspection. The COA and all affiliated clubs cannot host, co-host, or be a supported entry for any conformation, obedience or agility event(s) held by another registry or organization other than the United Kennel Club, Inc. The term "supported entry" means that the Chinook Owners Association itself or its Affiliate Clubs cannot make trophy donations, entries, etc. to another registry or organization for the Chinook breed. However, as an individual or individuals you may enter, show or make trophy donations at non-U.K.C. licensed events if you wish.

4. To apply for Affiliate Club status, an Affiliate Club must have a Board of Directors comprised of at least four individuals who live in different households. Every member of the Board of Directors of an Affiliate Club must belong to the COA. The COA will consider the club for acceptance if the Affiliate Club demonstrates a membership of 15 Chinook owners within the specified COA region, holds 2 successful Chinook events within their region prior to application, and exhibits financial independence from the COA. For members of the Affiliate Club who do not belong to the COA, an annual fee of $5.00 is required to be paid by the Affiliate Club to the COA Treasurer on April 1st of each year to cover the cost of any national mailings the COA sends to non-members. An aspiring Affiliate Club may submit proposed bylaws, a proposed board of directors and a request to become a "Provisional Affiliate Club" for the purposes of hosting events within a specified region and soliciting membership.

5. Pursuant to the COA Constitution, the COA board includes "a representative from each Affiliate Club". Each Affiliate Club will nominate an Affiliate Club Board Member to serve as their representative on the COA board. Affiliate Clubs are strongly encouraged to nominate a member of their Affiliate Club who already serves on the COA board. Once the Affiliate Club submits their nominee, the COA Board shall approve or reject, by majority vote, the nominated representative. While the COA Board has the right to reject a nominee and to ask for an additional nomination, this option should only be exercised in extreme situations and for good cause shown. Examples of good cause include, but are not limited to when the nominee is not a COA member, has been removed from the COA board in the past, has been disciplined by the UKC, or is a board member of a club who promotes a registry for the purebred Chinook other than the UKC.

6. Affiliate Clubs are encouraged to maintain diverse boards of directors that include individuals from all parts of the geographic area represented by the Affiliate Club. Since the Affiliate Clubs cover a large geographic area, Affiliate Clubs may elect to develop "Local Chapters" to host events in all parts of the region. A "Local Chapter" of an Affiliate Club is defined as a group of members of the Affiliate Club located in a defined geographic area of the region, which is approved by the Affiliate Club and the COA to host local events. "Local Chapters" must follow all of the requirements of Affiliate Clubs, although there are no specific membership requirements. A board member of the Affiliate Club must serve on the "Local Chapter".

7. A Regional Club Committee is established to work with groups of Chinook owners to establish local clubs, to support regional club activities, and to increase communication of regional needs and interests to the National Club. Each official Affiliate Club, Provisional Club and "Local Chapter" may appoint one representative to serve on the Regional Club Committee. Until three Affiliate Clubs are established, a member of the COA’s Executive Board will chair the committee and act as the committee’s representative on the COA Board. Once there are three approved Affiliate Clubs, the COA Board shall appoint a Committee Chair from the Affiliate Club representatives currently serving on the COA Board. Committee Chair position may not be split by two individuals. The term of the Chair position is two years, the end of each term coinciding with the COA’s election of board members. A member of the COA’s Executive Board shall always serve as a voting member of the Regional Club Committee.

8. An Affiliate Club is required to annually provide the COA a complete list of their members, including names, addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, an annual Treasurer’s report is required. The date for these required reports is April 1 of each calendar year. Additionally, membership updates may be sent to the COA if desired, so that no member will miss announcements of upcoming events.

9. An individual or family may belong to, and have voting rights in, as many Affiliate Clubs as desired. It is strongly encouraged that an active membership also be maintained in an Affiliate Club for the region where a person resides, if one is available.

10. Contributions, a column or information from Affiliate Clubs is encouraged for the COA quarterly newsletter. An affiliate may also publish its own club newsletter with a copy sent to the COA Secretary.

11. To be approved by U.K.C. as an Affiliate Club, and to be able to host U.K.C. licensed events, the Affiliate Club must also be approved by the United Kennel Club. The COA will help the club through this approval process.

12. The COA reserves the right to revoke approval of Affiliate Club status for failure to comply with these rules. Revocation will occur upon notice and an opportunity to be heard. Revocation will be by majority vote of the COA Board.

13. These guidelines are effective as of January 24, 2004 and until otherwise modified by the COA. One Affiliate Club has received prior COA approval. This club is "Chinooks New England!". This club is grand fathered under the prior rules but must demonstrate compliance to any changes to the REQUIREMENTS FOR AFFILIATE AND PROVISIONAL CLUBS of the CHINOOK OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC within six months of the effective date of these guidelines. Other clubs who have not been approved must fully comply with these amended guidelines.