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Breeders Code of Ethics

The purpose of this code is to set forth principles of practice the COA feels its members should strive for with the intent of preserving the Chinook dog. The following represents a guideline to the minimum in ethical practices. It is written with the understanding that most people want to do the right thing. Therefore, above all, individuals should attend to the "spirit" of the Code, using the letter of the Code as guidance.

General Principles

1. I agree to abide by and uphold the principles of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chinook Owners Association, Inc. (COA) and the rules and regulations of the United Kennel Club (U.K.C.) to the best of my ability.

2. I agree that when confronted by a situation not specifically covered by this Code, I will treat other people, as I would like to be treated under similar circumstances.


1. I agree to keep all Chinooks under my care in sanitary conditions, giving inoculations and worming, including heartworm prevention, as recommended by local veterinary authorities.

2. I agree to practice responsible pet ownership by not allowing my pet to roam, keeping it leashed where there are leash laws, preventing annoying and unnecessary barking, and cleaning up after it in public and private places.

3. I agree to tend to the mental well being of my Chinook and not leave it confined or without human contact for excessive periods of time.

4. I agree I will be an "ambassador" of the Chinook dog, providing information about the breed, presenting my dogs and myself as positive as I can, for they may be the first Chinooks a person meets.


1. I agree to exhibit good sportsmanship in all sports open to the Chinook and to befriend the novice or newcomer even though their dogs may be competing against mine.

2. Whether my type of dog wins or not, I agree to keep an open mind and learn about why a certain type of Chinook may have won or not.

3. In any type of competition, I agree to hold my Chinook’s safety, mental we-being and health more important than any win or gain, and will not intentionally put my Chinook in a harmful situation.


1. I agree to hold the best interest of the breed above all else within my breeding program and will use the COA Guidelines for Breeders to looks for specific ways I can support the following obligations.

2. I agree to become knowledgeable about the Chinooks I use in my breeding program and their background, whether I own them or someone else owns them. To do this I will collect information on their ancestors, their siblings and other relatives that may add credible evidence to their genetic makeup.

3. I agree to become knowledgeable about the Chinooks I produce from my breeding program.

4. I agree to use sound breeding practices intended to lower the chances of producing animals with a genetically passed disease. I agree to be sensitive to the incidence of hip disease, eye disease, seizure disorders, shyness, chryptorchidism, flea allergies and any other genetically passed diseases found to be in the Chinook, and design my breeding practices to limit passing those characteristics on to the puppies produced from my breeding.

5. If I do test breeding which may result in genetically passed diseases, I will do them only when I have reason to believe the breeds will NOT cause suffering or a lack of quality of life to the resulting puppies.

6. I will not withhold information, either negative or positive, on my dogs, from a credible breeder with a genuine need to know, if withholding that information may cause damage to the breed as a whole.

7. I agree that I will use any information I receive, whether it expressed to be confidential or not, in a responsible manner to further benefit the breed.

8. I agree to breed only when I can provide for the puppies and their mother the financial resources for the expenses of a litter, the time resources to socialize a litter, the physical resources to provide a safe environment for the puppies, and the resources to research each new puppy home to make the best match for the puppy as possible.

9. I agree to provide appropriate veterinary treatment for the puppies while under my care.

10. I agree not to use euthanasia as a means of culling healthy dogs from my breeding program and agree to find acceptable placement for healthy animals that I do not intend to keep.


1. I agree to properly screen all potential Chinook buyers placing my puppies in only the best possible homes.

2. I agree to honestly present both the positive and potentially negative aspects of the Chinook they receive as well as explain any potential genetic defects known to occur in the breed to the buyer before any contract is signed.

3. If I do a test breeding, I agree to clearly state the reasons why, give the health status of each dog being bred, and study the resulting litter from the test breeding throughout their lives.

4. I will also provide a copy of the COA Code of Ethics so that the potential buyer can understand what is expected of me as an ethical breeder and of them as an ethical owner.

5. I agree to sign a contract with all puppy buyers explicitly stating the price and terms of contract and whether the dog is potentially breedable, or pet quality.

6. I agree to request that all buyers screen their potentially breedable dogs for genetically passed diseases as listed above before breeding them.

7. Under no circumstances will I sell a Chinook to a dog broker, a pet store or any other party that breeds dogs primarily as a source of profit and I will require that this provision will be observed by any buyer of any pet or potentially breedable animal. I will also refuse sell to any person intending to use the Chinook as an attack dog as this is not their nature.

8. Should an owner of a dog from my kennel prove no longer able to maintain the dog, I agree to either take the dog back myself or to work with the individual and aid in the placement of the dog.

9. I guarantee I will do my best to ensure that new puppy owners become members of the COA for one year. This can be accomplished by: either purchasing a membership for the new puppy owners, or requiring by contract they become members. I will also encourage owners to remain COA members for the lifetime of their Chinook.

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The Code of Ethics is intended as an expression of goals for breeders. It is not to be construed as a rule or regulation to be enforced by punishment. Breeders are expected to implement these guidelines in a civil and responsible manner.

All Breeders should display this signed Code of Ethics for new Chinook owners to see, or include in the contract with new owners.

The Code of Ethics have no legal effect unless based upon local, State or Federal laws; and the COA expresses no opinion thereon. Any question as to the legal effect of any of these guidelines should be referred to an attorney for a legal opinion.

Adopted April 1995 — Revised January 2002 Copyright © 2000 Chinook Owners Association, Inc. All rights reserved.