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The Chinook Owner's Association (COA) is pleased to be able to provide a Mailing Group on Yahoo, called the COA-L, for Chinook owners and those interested in the breed. This list is known as the Chinook Neighborhood for a very good reason -- the Chinook community is so geographically widespread that COA members and those interested in the breed need a forum where they can safely discuss common concerns and issues.

The COA-L is a Yahoo Group maintained by the Chinook Owners Association, the U.K.C. National Breed Club for the Chinook dog. It contains ongoing respectful discussions of Chinooks, their people, and what's happening in the fancy. The COA-L is intended to be an educational forum for those who desire health and happiness for their dogs. Entrance to the Chinook Neighborhood is limited to those of good nature and open mind and heart, to those willing to learn and teach, to those unafraid to laugh, to those in search of good conversation, and to those who love their dogs and are willing to share.

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