Arthur Walden loved publicity for himself and his dogs. Besides the numerous articles of the time that featured Walden and his Chinook dogs, Walden also produced many post cards of the dogs. These cards are found today in attics and yard sales, on EBay and at post card shows. Walden lost his life in a house fire that also destroyed much of the original history of the breed. Thus, post cards and articles from Walden's era hold the key to this history of the breed. Below are several post card images of Arthur Walden's original Chinook dogs. While captions have been cropped off, they appear in their full text below the image. Enjoy!

Walden's Team

This postcard was mailed from Wonalancet on March 14, 1913. Along the border of
the card is written, "Mar 13,1913. The dogs names are Rud Yard Kip Ling."

When Walden returned from Alaska, the first dog team he produced on his New Hampshire farm were named Rud Yard Kip and Ling. These dogs predate Chinook. However, there are several modern Chinooks with the same white facial markings and the same long coats. One has to wonder if at least one of these dogs wasn't bred to Chinook at some point.

First Chinook

Chinook was born January 17, 1917. These photos give you a good sense of his conformation, and the conformation of his off-spring.

First Chinook

"Chinook" Chinook Kennels, Wonalancet, NH


Sled Team from Back

Dog Team, Wonalancet, NH


Expedition Chinook

Sled, Tent, Chinook B. A. E., Chinook Kennels




Walden Team

Dog Team with Chinook in the lead, Wonalancet, NH

Original Chinooks

Many of the individual dogs from Chinook's first few litters look very similar to modern Chinooks. Consider the following photos of the original dogs - all placed in time from 1919 to 1930. (Reference to B.A.E. is to the "Byrd Antarctic Expedition" and it means that the dog in question participated in the expedition in 1929).

"Ballarat" Chinook Kennels, Wonalancet, NH

"Scaramouche B.A.E." Chinook Kennels, Wonalancet, NH

"Koskoquim, B.A.E." Chinook Kennels,
Wonalancet, NH

"A Husky Family" Chinook Kennels, Wonalancet, NH


"Eight months old" Chinook Kennels, Wonalancet, NH

"Karluk" Chinook Kennels, Wonalancet, NH

"Sled Dog" Wonalancet, NH

Chinook Diversity

The diversity of size and color seen in the breed today, can be clearly seen in the photo below. This photo is of Walden (far right) with his Chinooks and the other B. A. E. dog drivers. In this photo, you see Chinook (far right), a dog with a tawny dog with a buff face (just next to Chinook), two black and tan Chinooks (two from Chinook and three in from the left) and several tawny dogs with dark muzzles.

Dogs and Drivers


Dogs in Training

The lead dog on this team is probably Quimbo, Chinook's son. As you can see,
the black and tan Chinooks have a long history in the breed.

Dog Team

While it's impossible to tell color in black and white photos,
the wheel dog seen in several early photos appears to be
much lighter than the other dogs. Was he a precursor to
the buff dogs we see today?

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