Special Reports

Code of Ethics

During the March 2012 board meeting the COA Board of Directors voted to not accept the draft Code of Ethics.  This draft was crafted during the 2008-2010 board term, and was presented to the membership for comments via Survey Monkey during the 2010-2012 board term. In reviewing the comments of the membership, the Code of Ethics Committee concluded that while the Code of Ethics could benefit from revision, this draft did not reflect the needed change.   The board supported the Committee’s conclusion.   The board supported the Committee’s conclusion, which was based largely on the survey about the Code of Ethics, which was sent to members.  Additionally, the board concluded that it would be beneficial to review and potentially seek revisions to the COA Constitution prior to another effort to overhaul the Code of Ethics as some ethical issues are intertwined with the Constitution and By-Laws.  

For member’s benefit, we are posting the Code of Ethics Committee’s report to the Board.   We have also provided the complete responses to the Code of Ethics survey with the following exception.  The COE Committee found 4 instances where individual’s feedback specifically named other COA members and / or their dogs while raising concerns about unethical actions or actions that the respondent believed to be troubling.   While members are free to hold such opinions, the COA Board will not post opinion statements that cast others members in a negative manner.   If members have concerns with one another, it is always best to address these concerns directly to the other party.  These 4 statements have been deleted and will not be included in the archived document.  We did leave other substantive content intact and made no other changes to the document.
            Report of COE Committee
            COE Survey Responses