Crossbreeding Program Goal

Five Generations

(left to right) WoodsRunner Lucille, Bowerbank X Timba, WoodsRunner X Erebus,
WoodsRunner X Raqui, Balsam Ridge X Katie and assorted Balsam Ridge puppies. Five
generations of Crossess: Timba (1st gen.) was bred to North Wind Kiska to produce
Erebus (2nd gen.), who was bred to Lucille (purebred) to produce Raqui (3rd), who
was bred to Saghalie’s Kaniksu Reign to produce Katie (4th gen.), who was bred to
Cloudburst Kennebec River to produce all the puppies (5th)

The Chinook Owners Association (COA) CrossBreeding Program is a long-term program developed in partnership with the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC) to add genetic diversity and quality to the current Chinook gene pool by developing Chinook cross lines that lead to progeny that attain UKC registration status as a Chinook.

Health evaluations are a vital component of this program, assessing the health of each litter and the breeding potential Chinooks. The CrossBreeding Program recently added descriptions about how PennHIP evaluations are used within the Program. The COA CrossBreeding Program description and requirements may be viewed in a PDF document by clicking on the following link: CrossBreeding Program

Do you have questions about the CrossBreeding Program? They may be questions that others have asked before, so follow this link to the Cross Program FAQs

Cross Specialty 1
Cross Specialty 3
Cross Specialty 2

The 2005 Chinook National Specialty provided a rare look at the generations of some of the Cross lines that are active today. Above you will see The WoodsRunner line starting in photo one – Bowerbank X Timba (1st generation), WoodsRunner X Trailbreaker (2nd generation), WoodsRunner X Sadie (3rd generation), Balsam Ridge Katherine (4th generation, cross to pure). In photo two you see Balsam Ridge Lincoln (UKC registered purebred) who comes from the WoodsRunner Cross line. Photo two also shows some great dogs from the Cloudburst Cross line that stems from Boreayl’s Chinooks crossbreeding and Singing Woods crossbreeding. The dogs shown are Cloudburst x Snowy River (3rd generation), ThunderCloud Karelia (4th generation and the 1st cross to pure), WoodsRunner X Alyeska (2nd generation), Boreayl’s Tok Of the Town (1st generation). Also pictured in photo two is GreatMountain X North Trav’ler (2nd generation). Photo three shows 3rd generation GreatMountain Crosses – Tanacross, Yukon Charley, Kusko Kwim.

Overview of Process

Crossbreed Dogs

The breeding method employed during this process is to begin by breeding a non-Chinook (dog zero) with a full Chinook. "Dog zero" must meet the following four criteria: It must have a four generation traceable lineage with no known hereditary health faults. It must be a purebred dog selected from a breed purported to have contributed to the development of the Chinook, be a working breed of dog or be an unregistered working dog with a documented four generation pedigree. If purebred, it must possess a registration number from a recognized registry. It must be a good specimen of its breed and possess no major faults. Acceptable progeny of the first breeding will then mate with a full Chinook. This process is continued until the fourth generation. Fourth generation Crossbred Chinooks are then eligible for consideration as purebred Chinooks.

UKC Chinook National Specialty Cross Winners

2006 Best Cross

Great Mountain x Yukon Charley, 2006 Best Cross
Chinook National Specialty 2006, Kalamazoo, MI


Every year, the Chinook Owners Association hosts the UKC Chinook National Specialty to showcase the best of the best Chinooks and to choose a National Specialty Winner for that year. At the National Specialty, the Best Chinook Cross is also chosen.

Cross to Pure Chinooks

First cross to pure Chinook

ThunderCloud Karelia - First cross to pure Chinook


A descendant of a C.O.A. CrossBreeding program attains full Chinook status when it conforms to the U.K.C. Chinook Breed Standard, is at least a fourth generation descendant of a "dog zero", statistically carries 93% of more Chinook genes, and qualifies for acceptance through the requirements established for the program.

“I have examined Karelia in person and she is in complete compliance with the UKC Standard for the Chinook.”

-- Jeri Singleton, UKC Judge in Conformation Evaluation


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