'PR' Ch Frontier Ice and Snow Kelvin

Call Name Kelvin
Bio Kelvin is a solid, athletic dog. He is a multi-talented super learner and is currently participating in bikejoring, agility and hiking. He just became a UKC show dog champion. At home he is a mellow guy always willing to help out around the house especially washing dishes (enthusiastic plate licker), yard work (picking up branches and putting them elsewhere) and cuddling on the couch. PENNHip DI right .36, left .39. OFA good, CERF normal. You can find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008771910611. He is neutered now but has a collection of frozen semen available for anyone interested.
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    Website https://os.genoscoper.com/crm/index.html#os/animals/BR01793/pass/summary
    Date of Birth 2014-07-19
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) 65
    UKC # A812,623
    UKC Titles Ch Common Titles CH (Champion) GRCH (Grand Champion) SPOT (Specialized Pet Obedience)
    Working Dog Program Titles Novice Pack Dog, Novice Skijor Dog Draft Titles WLD (Working Lead Dog) WLDX (Working Lead Dog Excellent) WTD (Working Team Dog) WTDX (Working Team Dog Excellent) WSD (Working Skijor Dog) WSDX (Working Skijor Dog Excellent) WPD (Working Pack Dog) WPDX (Working Pack Dog Excellent) WCD (Working Carting Dog) WCDX (Working Carting Dog Excellent) WWD (Working Weight Pull Dog) WWDX (Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent)
    Temperament Awards Friendly Paws Diplomat Ambassador
    Titles of Merit COA-WC (Working Chinook) COA-WCX (Working Chinook Excellent) COA-TWC (Total Working Chinook)
    Dam Frontier Halona Joy Kasute
    Sire Frontier Jackson
    OFA Hip Rating Good
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
    PennHIP Left Index .36
    PennHIP Right Index .39
    Breeding Status Open for breeding