Snook Nook Nuuk

Call Name Nuuk
Bio Nuuk hails from the home town of Old Drum, the dog who, in 1879, inspired the phrase "a dog is man's best friend" and Nuuk thoroughly lives up to that adage! Nuuk has been active and well-socialized since he was a puppy. He is as comfortable with his backpack on a trail as he is in a crowded art-walk in downtown Kansas City or the lobby of Denver's downtown Westin. He exhibits no aggression towards children, cats, or other dogs. He has shown no signs of allergies or other ailments. Nuuk is very bright and sensitive and prefers to hang out with his people rather than find a quiet corner. Despite his extraordinary enthusiasm, he is calm and stable when the situation requires it. He has put his energy and time into accompanying his people backpacking, rock climbing, and fly fishing from the mountains, to the Ozarks, to the beach. We'll get to the WDP certifications, in time…
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Date of Birth 2015-10-26
Sex Male
Height (inches) 24
Weight (pounds) 65
UKC # A879291
Dam Moonsong Small Wonder
Sire Callicoon Ukko
OFA Hip Rating Good
OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
Co-Owner none
Breeding Status Open for breeding
State dog lives in Missouri