GreatMountain Kancamagus

Call Name Gus
Bio He enjoys romping around at home and in the neighborhood and taking hikes of all lengths. Gus loves to splash around in the water but is not a swimmer. He is interested in everything that moves outside, loves chasing squirrels, watching birds, and is intrigued by toads and frogs. He doesn’t like crowds, loud noises, lots of commotion, or even going into pet supply stores. He approaches anything new with great caution. We are working on that. Gus has been through advanced obedience training but we stopped short of CGC. Gus loves to grab a toy and then call out to us to dare and take it away. If he calls out and no one responds he will call louder. So funny. Once you respond, he will watch while you come toward him and run when you get just close enough. Then he will prance around like he has the best item on earth and try to keep all dogs and people from getting it. If one of my other dogs gets ahold of anything he has, he will often just let it go and come to me as if asking that I go get it back. Every once in a while he will play a little tug of war with them. Gus loves to snuggle with his pack and his humans and is just a happy guy and I am happy to have him by my side!
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    Date of Birth 2018-08-11
    Sex Male
    Dam Granite Hill GreatMtn Dirigo
    Sire Bashaba Indiana
    OFA Hip Rating Fair
    Co-Owner Sheila Russell
    Breeding Status Open for breeding
    State dog lives in NH