Ferncroft Home Grown Eden

Call Name Eden
Bio Eden will be bred in 2024 in NH at Ferncroft Chinooks!! Eden is an energetic and athletic Chinook dog: she is up for any adventure! Eden has lots of energy and is willing to hike in any weather or terrain. She mountain bikes with me, she swims in the pond outback, and she loves going for rides in the car to watch the sunset. Eden loves every fruit or vegetable a dog can have! She is food motivated. I don’t think she has refused a meal in her life! Eden is smart and loves to play all types of games. She is expressive and makes her needs known! Eden loves to be with her mom, Ferncroft and her Uncle Zealand. Eden loves being with her pack and snuggling up at the end of the day!
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    Date of Birth 2021-08-27
    Sex Female
    Height (inches) 23.5
    Weight (pounds) 65
    Sire Sea Smoke Kalen CHIC
    OFA Hip Rating Good
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
    PennHIP Left Index .30
    PennHIP Right Index .40
    Co-Owner Chris Smith
    Breeding Status Open for breeding
    State dog lives in NH