WyoChinookWinds Ginger Popham

Call Name Poppy
Bio Meet Poppy of the pines! Although born and breed in Wyoming, Poppy is a true Maine dog. A lover of the rocky coast, pine tree covered forest, and of course snow! Poppy's favorite activity is a romp around Popham, her namesake beach. She loves splashing through water, rolling around in seaweed and chasing squirrels through the forest. Poppy is a great trail dog and currently working towards her Novice Pack Certification. She responds well to our calls but uses her nose to navigate the trail and stays close to us with very little direction. She is very focused, motivated, and agile on the trail. This is where she thrives. Poppy prefers the quiet of the woods over a trip to the farmers market. It takes strangers a bit of time and lots of treats to gain her trust and loyalty before being a part of what we refer to as Poppy's "inner circle." But wow, once you are in, she is extremely affectionate and a total sweetheart. Our friends and neighbors are so proud when they get a kiss from Poppy! Poppy is a dog's dog, a social butterfly at our local dog park and gains a huge amount of confidence around humans when she is in the presence of other dogs. She lures everyone in with her gorgeous buff coat and apricot ears but she’s not afraid of getting down and dirty in the mud with her pals. She gets along well with dogs of all sizes and personalities, does well with her cat brother, and adores our 5 year old daughter. She is extremely loyal to her humans. We are greeted every morning and when we return to the house with not just a tail wag but a full butt wiggle, lots of kisses, and the Chinook “roo”. She is independent and loves having her own space but lets us know when it’s time for her cuddle and belly scratch. She is a very clear communicator. Poppy has an excellent off switch. She can often be found in our window seat overlooking the Kennebec River, sunning herself while she tracks the birds and watches the neighbors stroll by. Always ready to rush to the door if a pal walks by!
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    Website https://www.instagram.com/poppy_of_the_pines?igsh=MWpvMm1vcmxuemE5Zw==
    Date of Birth 2022-05-12
    Sex Female
    Weight (pounds) 68
    Dam MountainThunder Rainbow
    Sire Wildcat Valley Forest
    OFA Hip Rating Good
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
    Breeding Status Open for breeding
    State dog lives in ME