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    COA Webmaster

    So here is the million dollar question…what do you want to see on this site? A few ideas are listed below and let’s use this topic for members to submit their ideas.

    • Who’s who of everyone on the Board
    • Member articles talking about their Chinook(s)
    • Articles about children and their relationship with their Chinook
    • Article about new Chinook Breed Conservation Program litter(s)
    Christopher Appoldt

    Hm! I love the reader-submitted CQ stories about Chinooks – could create a topic list, there, for submissions. Funniest story, anecdotes such as “You know it’s a Chinook when…”

    One of the daily facets of owning our Chinook, Kaya, is exercising her so that both we’re ALL content with her energy levels. Whether it’s an everyday Tuesday, a rainy Saturday, or a vacation with the family? Kaya needs to get out and exercise. How does everyone else approach this need in the breed?

    This topic could see refinement: hiking with your dog, skijoring, bikejoring, sledding, along with how-tos or resources for getting started with equipment guides, online resources. Weave in WDP certificates…

    Articles on how to get your Chinook in the water, playing fetch, tricks, etc.

    Maybe a piece on artists, photographers, or art/photography in general that specializes in/on dogs.

    Travel tips

    Taylor Scanlon

    My initial suggestion is about using the CQ as a way to build more public awareness for the breed. Unless I’m mistaken (and I totally might be), the CQ is currently available exclusively to COA members.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to publish a yearly or twice a year public issue of the CQ and post it to the COA website and social media sites. We could include general information about the breed, personal stories, fun facts, and photos, as well as planned litter announcements. This would hopefully drive interest in the breed up, and make the community aspect of Chinooks that much more evident.

    As far as article ideas, training aspects would be a really good idea. Maybe an ‘ask a breeder’ column?

    COA Webmaster

    All great ideas! Chris, the “You know it’s a Chinook when…” could be a recurring article that we get different members to right about the silliness (or other personality traits) of their Chinook.

    Taylor, in the past we made each previous edition of the CQ (not the current one, but the one before) available in its entirety to non-members. Building the new website took a lot of work and the CQ suffered a bit in that process.

    With the new website, we are trying to figure out what should be available online… My initial thoughts are the things like what you both are saying would be articles (hopefully with some nice pictures) on the website, and then some of those can be put together all in one nice package in the CQ (maybe with a member-exclusive article or something).

    For an ‘ask a breeder’ column, I think that could be a good recurring series type of article or it could be a topic in the forums…or both! For the article, breeders could write articles from time to time about questions they commonly get asked. For the forum, members could post and ask questions.

    Any other members want to weigh in?

    Jude Griffin

    Maybe an FAQ on participating in premier/specialty. Kind of overwhelming for a newbie.

    Victoria Bunty

    I think it is very difficult to navigate this forum. I like hearing about what people are doing with their dogs, what awards they are receiving etc.
    Other than the breeding registry (which I am wondering why breeders must pay additional fees for membership).
    Isn’t the goal to have good solid healthy Chinooks on the ground?
    FB seems to be a better forum to find info and post info on what’s going on in our close-knit group.
    This forum needs to be easier to navigate and easier to post to. IMHO

    COA Webmaster

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for posting! The forums are meant to be a bit more focused on specific topics that members are interested in talking about. They are focused and searchable and any member can create any topic they’d like to hear other members discuss. Facebook is great, but is a bit more of a free-for-all (which has its benefits as well). While not officially sanctioned by the COA, the Chinook Fun Spot Facebook group is an excellent place to see and share more random Chinook information.

    Right now, we are still waiting to see how the membership will decide to use these forums. The format of this forum is fairly typical (for a forum), so I’m interested to hear any additional thoughts you may have about ease of navigation and posting.

    Regarding Stud and Breeder memberships: when a member signs up to be a Stud or Breeder member, they have additional functions allowing them to advertise their studs, kennel, and litters (depending on membership level).

    We are also looking to have additional articles that may be of interest to you and other members in the future.

    Marlene Goist

    Chinook Conservation Program! Where it started, where it has been and where it is going.

    COA Webmaster

    Hi Marlene. There is a bit more information about the Chinook Breed Conservation Project (CBCP) here: I agree we need some updates on this and will bring this up to the COA Board. Right now there is one litter as a result of the CBCP (a Tamaskan is the non-Chinook founder). Others have been attempted, but no pups are on the ground yet.

    Lynn Philipp

    Don’t mean to toot my own horn (not much to toot about really) but we ARE planning our first Chinook breeding in May 2020. Not sure if there are any Chinook breeders outside the US at all but if not, we’re almost sure we’re the only ones in Switzerland if not Europe (not sure about this though since there’s very little communication between European Chinook owners). No idea if it’s too late for any articles to be included in the COA Quarterly or the website but any help with putting ourselves out there or getting help with potential owners for puppies planned for this litter, advice or support on the whole breeding process or just getting connected to other Chinook owners in Europe or outside the US/Canada would be great! I’ve already given an interview to a Finnish journalist for an article they wrote in a ‘rare dog’ magazine in Finland about our dogs and new kennel but it’s all in Finnish of course.

    Let me know if anyone thinks an article on our new kennel and first planned Chinook litter in Switzerland (and maybe Europe) is a good idea and still possible.

    Lynn Philipp

    Jude Griffin

    Hi Lynn:

    Exciting news about your kennel and planned breeding. Are you on Facebook? I think it would be incredibly valuable for you as a networking resource and getting the word out about the litter. A COA quarterly just went out, so you have time to write Jon at and get his suggested word count. You should also get it listed on the website under Litters.

    Lynn Philipp

    I would love to write an article for the Chinook Quarterly about our struggles in trying to establish a kennel and breeding our Chinooks in Switzerland (maybe the first in Europe? No idea, guess so?). Well, this first attempt in May 2020 was unsuccessful. It’s been very difficult to get support locally (vets, specialists on reproduction of dogs, AI, cryobanks (only 1 in the whole of Switzerland!!!) as well as the language and cultural differences between the countries on the European continent (my website is translated into 2 of the 4 Swiss official languages (I’m still working on Italian) and having to correspond and communicate (with visitors from all around Europe) in different languages etc is a challenge, to say the least. I might have found a good vet (only been to her once) after going through about 4 or 5 (there’s little kindness and an unbelievable amount of disorganisation – looks like Switzerland (at least the german-speaking part that I’ve experienced) could do with an update on their veterinary practice. Of course this has been a fantastic learning curve and there’s been enormous help from a few people in the US with information, skype sessions and loads of emailing so that’s kept my hopes up. I always tend to plan ahead so even though this has been planned for 2 years, I’m still quite rusty on getting my dogs to mate (they’re enthusiastic but like probably most virgins, are all over the place, one has to have a sense of humour!). Well, let’s hope there’s more luck with the next attempt in mid-November and hope all the families that have come from all over to visit us, won’t bail out (another very big challenge (vetting applicants)).

    Lynn Philipp

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