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    Kay Lee Brown

    It’s been pouring. I spent the day gathering tomatoes, covering the wood pile, drying patio furnature… It wasn’t supposed to start raining until tonight.

    I was figuring I could get 3-4 miles max when in shape. It would be fun to go further. Now that is it raining, I can run them free in the woods with me on my quad. The fire danger has been just too high to run the quad. I do want to spend a lot of time on the city running trails. Willy was my reactive dog. I hope to get the others past that.

    Lonna is also bringing Jetty to LaPine. I don’t know if Donna is coming down with Oscar.


    The Hassilev’s are hoping to bring Kona down too, and I’m working on a couple more Frontier dogs.

    Kay Lee Brown

    Seven Chinooks in harness! Maybe we can borrow someone’s Artis cart.

    Do you do daily runs or rest in between? I am going to miss a week between now and then so I am even more in a crunch.

    What is the length of the gangline used between a rig or scooter and the dog’s tug line? I think mine is a bit long (3 feet unstretched) but without brakes, I was afraid of running over the dogs. My concern with the length is the torque on the rig itself. Not that it would damage the rig but me if it gets tipped when they take a sharp turn say after a squirrel. Been there – don’t want to repeat.


    I run saturday and sundays, and towards the height of the season, I try to get a mid week run in too. Once I win the lottery, I plan to ramp up my trainings schedule. Depending on your milage, you could easily run every other day. It’s important to give them days off though, so their muscles can regenerate. They might not like it, but that’s why we have thumbs!

    3′ seems reasonable for a cart, you do want them out far enough so they don’t get run over, but, like you said, it make those tight turns exciting.

    Kay Lee Brown

    I just took my rebuilt rig out for a test run. I think I need to get back in shape as much as the dogs. With only two pulling the hills, I had to assist. You can see the rig and our run on my blog http://www.BrownStoneChinooks.blogspot.com

    Karen Hinchy

    Wow- Kay Lee – Ferrari is GORGEOUS!!! I’m so glad you got to test her out today. I know you mentioned being concerned about how your girls would do without lead dog Willy, but it looks like he left them a great legacy of working honestly in harness. I bet he was proud of all of you today.

    ….. I>>>


    We saw a glorious range of weather this weekend at Frog Lake which is just south of Mt Hood. Cold and clear on saturday, (which is when this video was shot) and then 3″ of snow on sunday. Mt. Hood already has over 16″ of new snow, hopefully this is the real thing and not a false start. There’s a video of our sunday run in the snow on our facebook page. Here’s saturday- we didn’t start the ATV up until we were well on our way back in.

    Kay Lee Brown

    Love the video. Team Nookies has a bit of getting into shape to match your guys. Today I took them out for their second run of the season. Like you, I ended up doing some human assist on the hills. I did get a test of the new brake system. The infamous killer squirrel plagued us again. The dogs took off down the cut bank after it. The brakes held until the dogs got tired of being held back from their chase and returned to the road – yeah! However, the brakes now have a new kink – darn. I will get it figured out before LaPine.

Viewing 8 posts - 91 through 98 (of 98 total)
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