CH Channahon’s Kikiah Tyee

Call Name Oscar
Bio 2019 Chinook Specialty: Best of Breed (Altered) - Argus Ranch (Washington). Temperament: Excellent Workability: Oscar is trained to do recreational mushing he holds Sledding Excellence title – Working Dog Program. Additional Info: Oscar is outgoing and confident both in the ring and on the trail. Currently he is rated #1 Chinook AKC, has both a Certificate of Merit and Championship Certificate. Holds Championship and International Championships in AKC, UKC, IABCA. In 2012 won the AKC Chinook National Specialty. Showed at Westminster in 2014. If your interested in using Oscar please contact either Amanda Bays or Marleen Mandt.
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Date of Birth 2008-06-26
Sex Male
Height (inches) 24
Weight (pounds) 80
UKC # P570-674
UKC Titles CH Common Titles CH (Champion) GRCH (Grand Champion) SPOT (Specialized Pet Obedience)
Working Dog Program Titles WLDX Working Lead Dog Excellence Draft Titles WLD (Working Lead Dog) WLDX (Working Lead Dog Excellent) WTD (Working Team Dog) WTDX (Working Team Dog Excellent) WSD (Working Skijor Dog) WSDX (Working Skijor Dog Excellent) WPD (Working Pack Dog) WPDX (Working Pack Dog Excellent) WCD (Working Carting Dog) WCDX (Working Carting Dog Excellent) WWD (Working Weight Pull Dog) WWDX (Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent)
Temperament Awards Friendly Paws Diplomat Ambassador
Titles of Merit COA-WC (Working Chinook) COA-WCX (Working Chinook Excellent) COA-TWC (Total Working Chinook)
Dam CH Channahon's Nitika
Sire CH Channahon's Northern Kodiak
OFA Hip Rating Fair
OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
Co-Owner Amanda Bays
Breeding Status Open for breeding
State dog lives in WA