Chinook National Specialty

Every year, the Chinook Owners Association (COA) hosts a National Specialty to showcase and to crown a National Best of Breed (NBOB). All UKC registered intact, altered, and crossbred Chinooks can participate in the Specialty. The Specialty is held every other year in conjunction with the UKC Premier or Gateway National show, and rotates in the other years to the East and West regions of the United States. In years when the Specialty is a single breed only show, we also host Chinook Games and a Family Reunion. These shows are a great opportunity to meet other Chinooks, and to try your hand at events such as lure coursing, sledding seminars, weight pull, obedience and more. And let’s not forget the annual banquet...

2022 National Specialty - June 15, 2022

Entry deadlines for the 2022 Chinook National Specialty in Kalamazoo, Michigan are approaching fast. This is always a fun time for our dogs and their owners to meet each other and to compete in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. If you’ve been thinking about attending, now is the time to act.

Important information
  • Specialty entries should be sent to the COA show secretary: Daniela Metz, 19115 NW 100th Avenue Road Micanopy, FL 32667. Pre-entries MUST be received no later than June 5, 2022. Entry forms can be found here: Specialty Premium Response Entry Packet
  • A link to the premium catalog for the Chinook National Specialty can be found here: 2022 Specialty Premium Catalog.
  • Pre-entries are $25 per entry, all classes. Day of show entries are $30 per entry. Parade of Titleholders entries are pre-entry only. When your packet is all filled out, you can pay online by clicking on the button below.
  • Pay Registration Fees Online


If you have any questions, please contact Daniela Metz, Show Secretary at or Kim Kramer and Hannah Collison, Bench Co-Chairs.

We look forward to seeing you all in Kalamazoo!

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    Past Specialties

    View all the past winners here (as well as some other fun pictures from Specialty and Family Reunion events:

      • National Best of Breed - Cloudburst Ledgebak Kraumayok (Luna)
        Champion of Champions - Moonsong Small Wonder (Reine)
        Best of Winners - Skyland Claudia Jean
        Reserve Champion - Bashaba Ellam Qaralii
        Best Male - Granite Hill Morning Hymn
        Reserve Best Male - MountainThunder Doc Holiday
        Best Puppy Male - Granite Hill Morning Hymn (Saga)
        Reserve Best Female - Barkerville Cora Anne
        Best Junior Female - Spook Nook Kala
        Best Puppy Female - Barkerville Cora Anne
        chesterh Sweetie - Bashaba Sky

        Altered National Best of Breed - Lakeside Run's Little Bear (Birr)
        Best Altered Champion - Forever Greene Qannik
        Altered Best of Winners - GreatMountain Tupelo Jackman
        Reserve Altered Champion - Skyland Sweet Dominica
        Best Altered Male - GreatMountain Tupelo Jackman
        Reserve Best Altered Male - Moonsong the White Seal (Tuktu)
        Best Altered Female - GreatMountain Lily Marie

        Best Novice Puppy - Wildcat Valley Mukki
        Best Brace - Bashaba Ellam Qaralii & Bashaba Linto Calista
        Best Veteran - Forever Greene Qannik
        Best Male Veteran - GreatMountain PassaConaway
        Best Stud Dog - Granite Hill Howlet
        Best Brood Bitch - Forever Greene Talis

        Parade of Titleholders
        Altered Champion GreatMountain Passaconaway CGC HIC (Conaway)
        Grand Champion GreatMountain Lyric Tikaani RL1 CGC HIC (Tikaani)
        CT-ATCH GRCH “PR” Light House Mystic Seaport, CGC TT THD RN OA OAJ MXP MJP (Doonerak)
        UWPCH CA URX3 GRCH UROGRCH ‘PR’ Skyland Harper of GreatMountain CGC (Harper)

        Winners of the Family Reunion Chinook Games
        Best Puppy - Wildcat Valley Mukki and his family
        Best Competitors - tie between Jean Bouteiller and Steve Kramer

      • National Best of Breed - GR CH Bashaba Linto Calista
        Champion of Champions - CH Skyland Sweet Dominica (Nica)
        Best Female - Bashaba Naunbat Nashira
        chesterh Sweetie - Crossing Creek Encore (Klea)

      • National Best of Breed - GR CH Bashaba Linto Calista (Calista)
        Champion of Champions - CH Laughing Mountain Moonshadow
        Best of Winners - MountainThunder Thorny Rose (Rosie)
        Best Male - Cloudburst Ledgebak Eclipse (Tiber)
        Altered Best of Breed - CH Forever Greene Barrow Kenai
        Altered Grand Champion - GR CH Laughing Mountain Zympo
        Altered Best Female - Intervale Perpetual Motion (Zirks)
        Best Cross of Breed - Bashaba Naunbat Nashira
        chesterh Sweetie - CH MountainThunder Great Kyraina (Kyra)
        Brace - Intervale Perpetual Motion (Zirks) & Forever Greene Qiviut (Qivi)
        Parade of Titleholders - NBOB GR CH Hurricane Finnegan (Finn), GR CH Hurricane Freyja Rain (Freyja), & GR CH Laughing Mountain Zympo

      • National Best of Breed - GR CH Bashaba Sky
        Champion of Champions - CH Laughing Mountain Moonshadow
        Best of Winners - Skyland Sweet Dominica (Nica)
        Best Male - MountainThunder Doc Holliday (Doc)
        Altered Best of Breed - GreatMountain Ningo Saba
        Brood Bitch - GR CH MountainThunder Scarlet Begonia (Scarlet)
        Best Cross of Breed - Bashaba Naunbat Nashira
        chesterh Sweetie - Bashaba Naunbat Nashira
        Best Novice Puppy - Seabreeze Tomorrow Bella Crie (Bella)

      • National Best of Breed - Lakeside Run's Little Bear (Birr)
        Champion of Champions - Forever Greene Tagluk
        Best of Winners - Forever Greene Atka
        Best Female - MountainThunder Terra Tomah (Terra)
        Altered Best of Breed - Lighthouse Mystic Seaport (Doonerak)
        Altered Cross Female - Granite Hill x Pink Diamond
        Parade of Titleholders - GreatMountain x North Trav'ler
        Best Male Puppy - Wachusett Gulbrun Finley
        Best Female Puppy - Bashaba Jesson