The Chinook Owners Association (COA) maintains a Rescue program to help find new homes for Chinook dogs in need. Usually, a Chinook dog needs to be placed in a new home because the owner can no longer care for the dog because of illness or personal problems. Sometimes, a dog's owner may die and the dog may need immediate placement in a temporary home until a permanent home is found. While some dogs in need of rescue are healthy, properly socialized dogs, others may have special needs and may have a difficult time transitioning into new homes.

Because Chinook dogs are rare and families often wait years to get a Chinook puppy, rescue situations are quite unusual. This is especially true because most Chinook breeders agree to take back a puppy from their kennel for the life of the dog and will actively work on their own to find new placements. If a rescue situation does occur, the COA attempts to place the dog in the right home, not just the first available home. Therefore, all potential new homes are screened and dogs are placed in the home that best meets their needs.

For more information about the Rescue program please contact the Rescue Chair.

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