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Active Chinook Program

The Chinook Owners Association (COA) Active Chinook Program (ACP) was initiated to encourage owners to work with their dogs in the pursuits for which they were intended and provide certification to those dogs in those pursuits. The ACP is broken into three groups: Draft, Temperament, and Titled Events.


Ever go hiking with your Chinook? We thought so. The most common way Chinook owners get started in the ACP is by strapping a pack onto their Chinook and exploring nature together. You can also get awards for sledding (including rigging and bikejoring for those of us without snow), skijoring, carting, and weight pull.


Interested in doing therapy, education, or some other form of assistance with your Chinook? This group is designed to recognize those Chinooks who are actively making a contribution to the community.

Titled Events

Into more competitive events? This group is for Chinooks that compete in United Kennel Club (UKC) working dog events like Agility, Conformation, Dock Jumping, Obedience, or Rally Obedience. Several other nationally recognized titles related to Nosework and Herding also may apply.

In some documents, past Chinook Quarterly issues and historical postings displayed on the COA website you will see the Active Chinook Program referred to as the Working Dog Program. The title of the program was changed in 2023 to better reflect an expansion of the program beyond working dog activities. The term "Working Dog Program (WDP)" is synonymous with the term "Active Chinook Program (ACP)."