CH 'PR' Snook Nook Nukka

Call Name Nukka
Bio Like her mother, Reine, Nukka is a superb athlete, only faster. She pulls enthusiastically in harness with lead dog potential. She loves to carry her loaded backpack on long hikes. She is ever-watchful, calmly observing her surroundings and those around her. Nukka is smart, quickly understands what is asked of her, and wants to please.
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Date of Birth 2015-10-26
Sex Female
Height (inches) 22 1/2
Weight (pounds) 50
UKC # A879,294
UKC Titles CH Common Titles CH (Champion) GRCH (Grand Champion) SPOT (Specialized Pet Obedience)
Working Dog Program Titles WTD WPD Draft Titles WLD (Working Lead Dog) WLDX (Working Lead Dog Excellent) WTD (Working Team Dog) WTDX (Working Team Dog Excellent) WSD (Working Skijor Dog) WSDX (Working Skijor Dog Excellent) WPD (Working Pack Dog) WPDX (Working Pack Dog Excellent) WCD (Working Carting Dog) WCDX (Working Carting Dog Excellent) WWD (Working Weight Pull Dog) WWDX (Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent)
Temperament Awards Friendly Paws Diplomat Ambassador
Titles of Merit COA-WC (Working Chinook) COA-WCX (Working Chinook Excellent) COA-TWC (Total Working Chinook)
Dam CH 'PR' Moonsong Small Wonder
Sire CH 'PR' Callicoon Ukko
OFA Hip Rating Excellent
OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
Breeding Status Open for breeding
State dog lives in CT