'PR' Desert Sol Arlo Baci

Call Name Arlo
Bio MDR1: Clear, Dwarfism: Clear – Arlo is a fun-loving social dog. He’s never met a stranger; every person and dog he meets is his new best friend and the feeling is often mutual. He loves being outdoors and spending time with his family camping, hiking, going to the beach and running. He also loves the snow, and gets excited the moment he realizes there is a fresh batch outside. Indoors, Arlo is very chill. He’s been a great work from home companion, curling up at our feet while we work and always ready to give some supportive cuddles during a busy workday. Overall Arlo is a very loving dog with a sweet, playful disposition, who instantly found his way into our hearts and has remained there ever since.
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Date of Birth 2018-11-29
Sex Male
Height (inches) 24
Weight (pounds) 58
UKC # B281530
Dam 'PR' Desert Sol Kiara, DNA-VIP
Sire Sirius Rising Samwell Tarly
OFA Hip Rating Good
OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
Breeding Status Open for breeding
State dog lives in MA