Desert Sol Vitality Pops

Call Name Pops
Bio COI: 0%, MDR1: Clear, Dwarfism: Clear, IVDD: Clear, Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (SOD1A): Clear, Von Willebrand Disease Type 1 (VWF): Clear, Elbows: Normal – Pops is 50% Chinook and 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and has a COI of 0%! He is an approved offspring of a COA CBCP litter. Any breeding's done with Pops will need to be notified to the COA Registrar (see program document for details). Find out more information about the program here: – Pops is handsome, smart, friendly and athletic. He is a big love bug and exuberantly greets anyone who visits our home. Learning new things is one of his favorite past times. He is so eager to please and has earned his Canine Good Citizen and Novice Trick Dog Titles. Pops also won Best Male Crossbreed at the 2021 Chinook Specialty. When he runs at his full potential, it is amazing to watch how much ground he covers with each stride when he does. He shows off his agility while playing chase in my small backyard with my Brittany and when darting in and out of trees playing with other dogs on runs in the woods. For more info and pictures of Pops, please check out his website page at the link below.
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    Date of Birth 2019-10-25
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 25
    Weight (pounds) 75
    UKC # X20-0107-50%G1
    UKC Titles Best Male Crossbreed at the 2021 Chinook Specialty Common Titles CH (Champion) GRCH (Grand Champion) SPOT (Specialized Pet Obedience)
    Working Dog Program Titles Novice Trick Dog Draft Titles WLD (Working Lead Dog) WLDX (Working Lead Dog Excellent) WTD (Working Team Dog) WTDX (Working Team Dog Excellent) WSD (Working Skijor Dog) WSDX (Working Skijor Dog Excellent) WPD (Working Pack Dog) WPDX (Working Pack Dog Excellent) WCD (Working Carting Dog) WCDX (Working Carting Dog Excellent) WWD (Working Weight Pull Dog) WWDX (Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent)
    Temperament Awards Friendly Paws Diplomat Ambassador
    Titles of Merit COA-WC (Working Chinook) COA-WCX (Working Chinook Excellent) COA-TWC (Total Working Chinook)
    Dam CH ’PR’ Desert Sol Zazu’s Pride DNA-VIP
    Sire Bernese Mountain Dog (purebred)
    OFA Hip Rating Good
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
    Breeding Status Open for breeding
    State dog lives in NH