Desert Sol Cole Illahee

Call Name Coulee
Bio “Coulee” has been an exceptional dog with an extraordinary temperament. He has a well developed structure with OFA ‘EXCELLENT’ hips, on the large side of the standard but within the Chinook standard. His soft ears are “helicopter” ears, and almond eyes are dark brown, “normal with breeder options”. The standard coat is incredible, and does not shed more than expected for the breed. Free of allergies and seizures. Coulee is an AKC Champion, and currently working towards his Grand Championship. He has been invited to the Westminster Dog Show for 2024, before turning two years old. Coulee has an extremely friendly and gentle demeanor, he adores people and especially children. He is a confident dog, content alone pondering and observing his surrounding but of course also likes to keep an eye on his family. Coulee is playful with other dogs and is great with our cats. We have never seen him aggressive towards anyone or anything, just a sweet natured boy that knows he is handsome. Coulee does not bark or whine, he is always up for a car ride or a new type of adventure that he is unfamiliar with. A working dog to his core, he enjoys showing in the ring, and also enjoys his working dog activities such as bikejoring and skijoring. He is driven to work and please, so far has been easily trainable, intelligent and well mannered. Lucky for us, he is not a picky eater and is treat motivated. He does not have any destructive or anxious tendencies. He is extremely strong, healthy and just an all around great companion. You can check out his adventures on Instagram @couleethechinook
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    Date of Birth 2022-02-19
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 26
    Weight (pounds) 92
    UKC # B490,330
    Dam Desert Sol Myka CGC
    Sire Gateway Shaktoolik
    OFA Hip Rating Excellent
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal with breeder option
    Co-Owner Ashlee Bryan, Steve Showalter, Kristy Jolly
    Breeding Status Open for breeding
    State dog lives in WA