Desert Sol Vitality Summit

Call Name Summit
Bio COI: 0%, MDR1: Clear, Dwarfism: Clear, IVDD: Clear, Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (SOD1A): Clear, Von Willebrand Disease Type 1 (VWF): Clear, Elbows: Normal – Summit is 50% Chinook and 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and has a COI of 0%! He is an approved offspring of a COA CBCP litter. Any breeding's done with Summit will need to be notified to the COA Registrar (see program document for details). Find out more information about the program here: // Summit is extremely playful and athletic, and loves to explore the world. He is often found standing, romping, and splashing in the nearest body of cold water he can find (though has not yet actually managed the swimming part!). He enjoys taking in the fresh air outdoors and could spend hours rolling in the grass, peeing on rocks, and staring at the sky, but he is also equally at home just snuggled up on the couch, watching TV, and receiving as many belly rubs as he possibly can. Even though he adores being out and about, he definitely prefers that his people are with him at all times as he loves being with his family more than anything. He sulks when he is cruelly abandoned alone at home but he is completely trustworthy and just sits quietly on the couch or by the door awaiting his family’s return.
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    Date of Birth 2019-10-25
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 26.75
    Weight (pounds) 70
    UKC # X20-0109-50%G1
    Dam CH ’PR’ Desert Sol Zazu’s Pride DNA-VIP
    Sire Bernese Mountain Dog (purebred)
    OFA Hip Rating Good
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
    Breeding Status Open for breeding
    State dog lives in WA