Barkerville Sweet Maple Mae

Call Name Maple
Bio Maple is a second generation cross (F2) in the COA's Chinook Breed Conservation Program. She lives up to her name – Sweet Maple. She loves living with her papa, enjoys a good run in the woods, has a heck of a time playing with Moon, and is a wonderful companion. She likes everyone, once she has had a chance to meet you. She has a lovely gait, jumps with grace, and snuggles sweetly. In 2021, Maple was selected for the COA's ChesterH Sweetie Award at that year's Chinook National Specialty.
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    Date of Birth 2021-05-03
    Sex Female
    Height (inches) 23
    Weight (pounds) 55
    Dam Barkerville Cora Ann
    Sire Vanguard North Brother Mtn
    OFA Hip Rating Excellent
    Breeding Status Open for breeding