Ferncroft Tormund Evan

Call Name Tormund
Bio Tormund lives in Enfield NH. He loves to hike and spend time with his family outdoors. Tormund is working on his NH4000ft hiking list! Tormund is friendly with all dogs and humans. He is tall, lean and has one of the best PennHip reports Ive seen. Tormund does have Embark testing completed. He is clear of MDR1, IVVD, Dwarfism. Tormund lives in Canaan NH. He loves to hike with his owner who is already a NH Grid hiker!
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    Website http://embk.me/ferncroftevan?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark
    Date of Birth 2021-08-27
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 25.5
    Weight (pounds) 71
    Sire Sea Smoke Kalen CHIC
    OFA Hip Rating Good
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
    PennHIP Left Index 0.25
    PennHIP Right Index 0.18
    Breeding Status Open for breeding