Desert Sol Mau Luc

Call Name Luc
Bio MDR1: Clear, Dwarfism: Clear, IVDD: Clear - Intelligent, strong, funny, good looking, and gentle boy best describes this young Chinook named Luc. Those who encounter Luc immediately adore him and remark how handsome and personable he is. He has an endearing and warm personality always greeting strangers and friends with flat ears and a wagging tail and body! He has a sharp memory for those he’s met, recognizing them from afar or by the cars they drive. He gets exuberant at the mention of his dog and human friend’s names. When I first started training him he would “get” the command on the second try! He was the teacher’s “pet” in puppy class and was used many times to demonstrate the command. He gets along with all dogs, but at times is aloof at first encounter and is more interested in their person. He has always been a “people dog” first. His one floppy ear brings a smile to those who meet him and adds to his gentle persona.
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    Date of Birth 2021-09-02
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 25.5
    Weight (pounds) 80
    UKC # B523,852
    Dam CH ’PR’ Desert Sol Zazu’s Pride DNA-VIP (Zazu)
    Sire Rain Mountain Kokopelli Marvel (Marv)
    OFA Hip Rating Good
    OFA/CERF Eye Rating Normal
    Breeding Status Open for breeding
    State dog lives in MA