Spook Nook Chinook's Glacial Calves Litter

Health & Genetics

The Chinook Owners Association (COA) Health & Genetics team supports efforts to ensure the Chinook has a healthy, sustainable future. This includes monitoring and analysis of current health trends, identification and administration of health programs, communication of findings to membership, and the management of the Chinook Breed Conservation Program. The team consists of the Chair and a committee interested in the health of the breed. If you would like to find out more information about the work of the Health & Genetics team or would like to get involved, contact the Health & Genetics Chair.

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    Conservation Program

    The Chinook Breed Conservation Program (CBCP) is a long-term program developed by the COA in partnership with the United Kennel Club (UKC) to maintain a healthy, genetically sustainable Chinook population, with the breed’s historical temperament, working ability, structure, and appearance.

    Litter Badging Program

    The Litter Badging Program encourages breeders to consider health, diversity, and working ability when planning their litters. Qualifying planned litters will be awarded up to three badges for meeting Health, Diversity, and Performance benchmarks.

    Other Resources

    Our Health FAQ includes frequently asked questions regarding general health, grooming, reproduction, feeding, and senior dogs. The Health Resources page includes Chinook specific information and studies and other resources found online or in books.