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Kennel Description We're getting close to puppy arrival time at Barkerville Chinooks. Cora is due around September 12-13. This will be a purebred breeding. This will be Cora's last breeding. We're thrilled at this purebred chinook pairing. Cora, a purebred Chinook, is six generations from non-Chinook crossbreeding founder, Sweetie. In Cora you can see the influence of her ancestors (especially her mom, CJ) and what you hope to see in a working sled dog—a strong chest and rear and nice balance in a body that is slightly longer than tall. Running, Cora moves with efficiency, strength, and speed. At home and on the sofa with her pack and people, Cora is sweet and snuggly—a dear companion and caretaker to them all. Cora runs up to greet her loved ones with a smile on her face and signature eyes squinting in delight. In her first litter, Cora whelped her 9 puppies (7 girls and 2 boys) in just under 12 hours. She has been a serious, focused and attentive mom. In 2022, Cora won Best Brood Bitch at the Chinook National Specialty with offspring Maple and Statia gaiting around the ring with their mom. Two of Cora's pups have won the Chesterh Sweetie Award for the sweetest Chinook. Cora was bred with Bashaba Mackenzie Bryson (Bryson) a purebred Chinook. Bryson lives in Quebec and travelled to NH for his date with Cora. He's a big, strong 7 year old boy. Special thanks to Dean Campbell, Bryson's human, for all he did to make this breeding happen. This will be Bryson's first litter! Bryson like hiking, camping, skijoring, snowshoeing, playing with friends, being close to his human, wading but not swimming, snuggle time, holding down the couch, or the bed, sitting in the sun and watching the world go by. We are adding Cora to Bryson's list of "likes." His favourite foods are roast chicken, boiled eggs, oatmeal, any kind of fish, popcorn. Bryson is easy going, and looks before he leaps. He is social and friendly and always wants butt scratches. He is patient, and relaxed indoors, but loves to go and go and go outside. For anyone interested in a puppy application please send an email to BarkervilleChinooks@gmail.Com Stay tuned for more news!
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