Rain Mountain Chinooks

Kennel Description Thirty years of breeding and more than 8 generations of Champions. Powerful, Healthy & Sweet for Pet, Show & Pulling. We have many dual titled (conformation and performance) titled dogs and add more each year. Rain Mountain, founded in 1988, is the oldest still-active Chinook breeder in the world. We may live out in the country but we only have as many Chinooks as can sleep on the bedroom floor and fit in the car for frequent rids to anywhere. Every dog here is trained at least in basics, if not more -- no kennel dogs! Litters are planned long in advance with careful analysis of pedigrees and health of the litter. Feel free to contact us for questions about the breed at any time (email preferred) or for visits to meet Chinooks "in the fur." Current events are on our "Rain Mountain Chinooks" Facebook page so check it out for activities and announcements. Each summer on the second Saturday in August we sponsor the Western Chinook Picnic for all Chinooks and their humans (or just fans of the breed) here at the Rain Mountain Slug Ranch. For a full day we have a Chinooks play fest for the dogs in the meadow and the on the trails while the humans barbecue. Almost everyone goes home with a door prize and a very tired dog. Guests come from all over the West, Alaska, the western Canadian provinces, and even from the Midwest for the event.
Website http://www.rainmountain.net
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