Welcome to the Chinook Owners Association (COA)

the original national parent club for the Chinook dog. The COA was founded by the core group of people responsible for the recovery of the Chinook breed from its near extinction in 1981, when only eleven breedable dogs remained. Since that time, beginning with a group of four families and augmented over the years by other dedicated individuals and families, we have rebuilt the breed slowly and carefully.

2017 Chinook National Specialty & Family Reunion

The Chinook Owners Association and the COA Specialty Planning Committee invite you to the 2017 Chinook National Specialty and Family Reunion, located in Sandwich, NH in the heart of the beautiful lake region of the White Mountains. Join us June 2-3 as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the breed, located where it all began. Click here for more details.

About the COA

We in the COA celebrate the historical Chinook in all its various colors, including the dominant tawny with black markings, cream markings, or no markings at all, black and tan, gray and tan, or the lighter colors of buff, honey, and biscuit with gold markings. We believe that form should follow function; as some say, the ears and color don’t pull the sled. Our dogs retain their historical ability to pull and our members earn titles through our Working Dog Program. Even suburban pets can earn a Pack Dog title for carrying their own food on hikes or a Sled Dog title for pulling a bike over community trails.

Working Dog Program

The Chinook Owners Association Working Dog Program (WDP) has been initiated to encourage owners to work with their dogs in the pursuits for which they were intended and provide certification to those dogs in those pursuits. The WDP reflects the Breed Standard to encourage the conformation, temperament, and working ability of the Chinook dog, and to encourage the breeding of better dogs. Details here.

Historical Document Collection

This new section in the Members Area (login required) contains 1000+ historical documents and images of Chinooks and the people associated with the breed through the years.

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... may be purchased by, or for, the owner(s) of any UKC registered Chinook under the age of 12 months. Upon signing in to the members' area, COA member Breeders and Stud Owners will find a link to purchase puppy gift memberships online. If you are not a COA member, please contact Member Services for instructions.

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