EC2 Northstar Es Tu La (Tu), Swiftrun Jura Rain (Asa) & Rain Mountain Kenai Swift (Luath) by Taylor Scanlon

2024 Calendar Contest

2024 COA Calendar Contest

It's that time of year again! Dust off your cameras and enter your favorite Chinook and COA CBCP Chinook Cross photos in the 2024 COA Calendar Contest! Here's a highlight of the best parts of the contest: top voted photos will be included throughout the calendar, there will be a Rainbow Bridge section to honor those Chinooks we've lost this year, and the Cover Dog Contest fundraiser is on! Previous calendars have featured some beautiful photos of our wonderful dogs -- make your Chinook a star and have fun with it!!

Main Details:

Electronic submissions are required

Submissions should be emailed to by 11:59pm, PST Saturday, October 14, 2023


THE MONTH'S Main Photo:

  • Any COA member in good standing is eligible to submit 2 free photos
  • Photos will be grouped for voting into categories according to the 4 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall), please plan your photos accordingly- you can note which season you want if the season is not obvious (we try our best to put your photos in two separate seasons- but if they're both clearly Winter pictures with snow, they will both end up in Winter)
  • The 3 photos with the highest vote total per season "win" and will become the poster picture for the months
  • Photos must meet the criteria (fine print) described below


  • For each $5 contribution to the COA Chinook Breed Conservation Project, any COA member in good standing can submit a photo (in addition to those submitted for the month portion) to be included in the Cover Dog Contest
  • Max of 3 photo submissions will be accepted
  • Contributions may be made via PayPal (click the button below)

  • The photo receiving the highest number of votes will be featured on the cover
  • Photos must meet the criteria (fine print) described below


We celebrate the lives of those Chinooks we have lost this year. Please send in a picture of any Chinook that has made their journey to the Rainbow Bridge between October 2022 and September 2023, along with their name and dates of birth/death. These photos do not count towards your contest total and will not be included in the contest. All submitted photos will be featured in the calendar on the Rainbow Bridge dedication page.

And now for the fine print for ALL photos...

  • You must be a COA member in good standing to participate
  • Photo must contain a purebred Chinook or a COA CBCP Chinook Cross in it to qualify
  • Please include the full (official registered name) and call (everyday) name(s) of dog(s) as well as the name of the photographer with all photo entries (if children under the age of 18 are in the photos with your dogs, you must have a parent or guardians permission to use their photo in the contest- please include this "ok" in the email you send with the pictures)
  • Originals of electronic images must be at high enough resolution to appear sharp when printed in size 8 X 10 (at least 1024x1536px)
  • Photos will be tested prior to the contest, and members with non-conforming entries may be offered the chance of substituting a different resolution of the same photo
  • Photos with a "landscape" orientation (wider than tall) will display best in the calendar
  • How to take better photos of your dog: some sites for helpful hints!
  • All photos must be taken by amateur photographers - no professional photos or studio portraits will be accepted
    • NOTE - for Chinook owners who are professional photographers, you may submit photos of your own dogs
  • Photos must be "natural" - no photo shopping to put your Chinook climbing the Pyramids at Giza or anything... 🙂 Standard photo fixes such as red eye reduction, cropping, leveling and exposure modifications are acceptable
  • Please submit original photos that have not appeared in the contest in previous years
  • All photos submitted will be kept in a COA photo library
  • Contestants agree to provide the COA the right to use the images in other national and/or local advertisements
  • By submitting a photo, contestants agree to allow the COA the right to reproduce the image in a photo library, social media platforms and/or any COA advertisements without identification of people or dogs. Prior to submitting the photo, contestants are responsible for ensuring any people in the picture agree to this. If minors are in the photo, the contestant MUST include written consent from a parent or guardian.

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