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    Announcements & Events

    Dog shows and awards, regional and national events, family reunions, Chinooknics...it's all here!   Find out what's going on and where Chinooks are getting together next.

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    Active Chinook Program

    Get out and pack, sled, skijor, and more with your Chinook!   The Active Chinook (ACP) encourages owners to work with their dogs in the pursuits for which they were intended.

  • 2023_chinook-population-update

    Health & Genetics

    The Health & Genetics team supports efforts to ensure the Chinook has a healthy, sustainable future.   Find out more about the Chinook Breed Conservation Program and other health resources here.

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    The COA maintains a Rescue program to help find new homes for Chinook dogs in need. Usually, a Chinook dog needs to be placed in a new home because the owner can no longer care for the dog because of illness or personal problems.

What is the COA?

The Chinook Owners Association (COA) is the original national parent club for the Chinook dog. The COA was founded by Chinook owners responsible for the recovery of the Chinook breed from near extinction in 1981, when only eleven breedable dogs remained. Since that time, dedicated breeders, individuals and families have carefully rebuilt to a population that now numbers more than 100 breedable dogs and more than 1200 total Chinooks.

Today the COA, the official breed club recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC), supports Chinook breeders and pet owners through:

  • Programs that encourage healthy dogs, genetic diversity and the long-term future of the breed
  • Breed Standards that promote temperament, structure and working ability
  • Programs that advance and recognize working dog achievements in pulling, packing and dog sports, consistent with the historic function of the breed
  • An engaged community of Chinook enthusiasts who share activities, health tips, guidance and resources