H&G Webinar Summary

The COA Health & Genetics Committee has completed the 2023 annual population assessment and is pleased to present CBCP (Chinook Breed Conservation Program) breeding guidance for 2024. Full details are available in the webinar (link below), key highlights include:

  • Overall the Chinook population is stabilizing from drops in annual puppy rates mid 10s, but is likely overall <1000 dogs
  • 2023 was a strong year for puppies, roughly in line with the new average
  • There were notably more male than female puppies
  • 43% of litters were satellite litters with first time breeders
  • Neonate fatalities (1%) and c-sections (~20%) were down, 71% of litters were artificial insemination, more analysis may be necessary to understand this trend.
  • The CBCP to date is reducing the average inbreeding coefficient (COI) in the breed, but slowly

Overall CBCP numbers vs. purebreds are consistent in absolute values with the prior COA Cross program, and are in fact smaller in terms of % of the population than in the 90s/00s so we are comfortable this is a reasonable rate The CBCP puppies remain around 17.5% of the population, and average litter size in the CBCP remains notably larger than purebred. The program is open to New Founder applications in 2024, preference for female.

Link to Webinar on Youtube: H&G Webinar, February 2024

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