Bashaba Naunbat Nashira (Nashira) by Karen Hinchy

New UKC Titles – September/October 2016

Congratulations to Bashaba Naunbat Nashira (pictured) and ALL our newly titled dogs and their proud owners. If we missed your big accomplishment, please bring it to our attention so we can be sure to include you in our next announcement.

UWPCH CA URX3 GRCH UROGRCH 'PR' Skyland Harper of Great Mountain CGC (Harper)
Weight Pull - Champion 10/9/16
Rally Obedience - Grand Champion 10/9/16
Owner - Denise Reed

CH Bashaba Naunbat Nashira
UKC Conformation Champion 9/24/16
Owner - Karen Hinchy

CH Bashaba Ellam Qaralii
UKC Conformation Champion 9/25/16
Owner - Karen Hinchy

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