Top 10 Chinooks – 2016

Congratulations to the Top 10 Chinooks of 2016!

Rank Chinook Owner Points
1 UWP NBOB GRCH 'PR' Bashaba Linto Calista Karen Hinchy 22
2 GRCH 'PR' Forever Greene Atka Patricia Richards and Perry Richards 18
3 GRCH 'PR' Cloudburst Ledgebak Kraumayok Diana Fowler and Joann Blackman 9
4 GRCH 'PR' Hurricane Macksyd's Mac Wabun Nancy Fishinger and Sandy S Smith 6
4 CH 'PR' Skyland Sweet Dominica Kim Kramer and Steven Kramer 6
4 GRCH 'PR' Crossing Creek Encore Diana Fowler and Joann Blackman 6
7 CH Bashaba Naunbat Nashira Karen Hinchy 5
8 CH 'PR' Bashaba Ellam Qaralii Karen Hinchy 3
9 'PR' Granite Hill Outlaw Michael J Venti 1

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