000National Best of Breed - Cloudburst Ledgebak Kraumayok (Luna)

2017 National Specialty

On June 2 - 3rd, Chinooks gathered from near and far for the 2017 National Specialty in Sandwich, NH. This annual gathering of Chinooks was even more special this year, marking the centennial of Chinook's birth, the progenitor of all of our modern day Chinooks.

National Specialty

Conformation shows are important because they're more than a beauty pageant. They give owners and breeders impartial feedback from an expert third party (the judge), who assess each dog on the basis of structure and type. The judge evaluates structure of the head and body against the breed standard: i.e. how does each dog compare to the ideal outlined in the breed standard. They also evaluate how each dog moves in the ring. In a working dog, it's especially important to see how each dog moves and if they are built for the strength and endurance their particular "job" calls for.

Approximately 40 entries were received. Judge Linda Reece presided over the show festivities. It was wonderful to see so many dogs from puppy class through senior, in a variety of colors, coats, and of course ear sets. We were also lucky to have a couple of junior handlers participate this year. Judge Reece paused several times to illustrate desirable characteristics of a Chinook for the spectators. The show concluded with a Parade of Titleholders, in which dogs are honored for their titles and their contribution to the breed (as well as being overall great companions!). We are pleased to announce the 2017 National Best of Breed winner, Cloudburst Ledgebak Kraumayok (Luna). Follow this link to see all the winners and more photos of the 2017 Specialty.

Banquet and auction

One of the high points of the annual Specialty is the annual banquet. Over drinks and hors d'oeuvres we all feverishly bid on the excellent silent auction items which included such items as Chinook beer, enormous gift baskets of regional treats for dog and owners, a custom made picnic table, various lots of harnesses and pulling gear, books, memorabilia and more. All of the auction proceeds benefit the COA. We would like to give a special thanks to all of the volunteers and donors who made this happen!

chesterh Sweetie award and other festivities

Our second day of festivities kicked off with judging for the chesterh Sweetie award. This award is given every year to the dog that possesses the sweetest, most personable disposition in honor of Chester Holleran and all of his contributions to the COA and the Chinook breed. We were extremely fortunate this year to have as our judge, Chester’s wife Kris. This year's chesterh Sweetie is Bashaba Sky! Saturday had games including a peanut butter eating contest (several Chinooks indicated this was their favorite game), Chinook says, musical chairs, lure coursing, obstacle course, "leave it" and high jump.

Special thanks to the planning committee and volunteers including Karen Schiller, Diana Fowler, Todd Reed, MJ Crance, John Habermehl, Kim Kramer, Vicky Delfino, Cindy Mattson, Kris Holleran and Show Secretary, Patti Richards.