Join the Nominating Committee or apply for a COA Board position!

It's time for the COA Board to renew itself with a standard election cycle.

To kick-off the process, a Nominating Committee has been formed, and will be chaired by me, Vice President John Habermehl.  I am looking for an additional 2 - 6 COA members, ideally a cross-section of membership, geography, and Chinook experience will comprise the committee.

The Nominating Committee will be identifying candidates for the following positions:

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Bench Chair
  • Communications
  • Membership

If you are interested in participating on the Committee and/or in supporting your breed by participating on the Board in any of the above positions, please contact  the Vice President.

    Email Vice President

    Details on the Nominating Committee can be found in the COA Constitution & Bylaws.pdf Section 9.03. The elected board positions are in Section 6.02 and details on those positions are in Article 7 & 8.