11th Annual Western Chinook Picnic - Aug 10th

11th Annual Western Chinook Picnic – Aug 10th

It’s that time again! Things will be jumping on Saturday August 10th starting at "ruffly" 1pm and running until we’re all pooped pups. Hopefully you’ve been watching the Rain Mountain Facebook page and you’re getting in the habit of simply showing up every year on the second Saturday in August so this invitation is almost a moot point.

The basics are as usual:

  • When: Saturday, August 10th 2019 at 1pm
  • Where: Slug Ranch (Washington State)
  • Food: Burgers (beef and turkey), brats, and hot dogs are provided, as well paper plates, utensils, and all the fixings
  • Drink: Coolers of ice are on hand to keep your beverages (BYOB) cold
  • Door Prizes: At 5 p.m. we’ll have our drawing for door prizes. These are dog-related things such as toys, and other dog-related goodies. Everyone gets a ticket just for being here.

Bring your Chinook, Chinook-Alike, or just enthusiasm for the breed. Your dog can romp in the meadow, walk the trail with you, or play chase on the game trails with the other dogs. Maybe it wants to practice for Barn Hunt by chasing mice in the meadow where the grass is higher than some of us humans are tall? We’ve got wading pools for cooling off and lots of shade; in fact, the picnic area will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler than anywhere else on a hot day.

Remember that your Chinook will need to be on its best behavior but that as long as it is, it can romp and play with all the other Chinooks that are here. We have 5 acres that are fenced in for our own private Chinook Park. Each owner is responsible for their own dog. Owners of young intact males must be prepared to give their dogs a “Time Out” so that we don’t have all of them running loose at the same time.

RSVP to gingerc@hughes.net for the address and directions. Please, please, please RSVP to gingerc@hughes.net so we know how much food to buy. As much as I like supporting the local food bank with leftovers, I like paying my bills even better.

Note: This is a regional activity held by a member of the COA, not a COA sponsored event. The COA encourages member-run regional activities such as this to strengthen the Chinook community and help others learn about the breed. The COA will not be liable for any damages of any kind related to the attendance of this event.