Call for Nominations for the 2022-2024 COA Board


The current term for the COA Board of Directors is drawing to a close. The Chinook Owners Association welcomes nominations made by any active member for consideration of all elected Board positions (except for President which is filled by the Vice-President per Bylaws). This includes roles that are not currently vacant. If you, or someone you know would like to be considered for a Board position during the 2022 - 2024 term, please let us know!*

Nominations to any Board position should be submitted to the COA Secretary

Volunteers are the heart of the COA

The success of the COA, and its ability to support you and offer programs and assistance relies on our many volunteers. If you are not able to serve in a leadership capacity, we always need help in other areas such as Communications, Rescue, Working Dog, Activities, and general assistance. Please consider how your contributions of time can help keep the Chinook Owners Association the supportive community that we know and love.

In the weeks following the seating of the new board, we will also be sending a call for volunteers to participate in a number of active committees. We would love to have additional participation from the membership in these committees and it's a fantastic way to support the breed and our club throughout the year!

Nominees for the 2022-2024 COA Board

In advance of the end of the current term, your Board, and the Elections Nominating Committee have compiled a list of nominees for the 2022 - 2024 COA Board of Directors. Nominees for elected positions for the new term are:

  • Vice President - AVAILABLE
  • Secretary - Pam Turner
  • Treasurer - AVAILABLE
  • Bench Chair - Kim Kramer (incumbent)
  • Communications Chair - Jon Jolly (incumbent)
  • Membership Chair - Kristy Jolly (incumbent)
  • President - Brendan Aldrich (each new board term, the current Vice President assumes the Presidency to ensure continuity of operations)

There are other hard-working individuals that serve on the COA Board in appointed positions. These include:

  • Registrar - Corine Lindhorst (incumbent)
  • Historian - Bob Cottrell (incumbent)
  • Working Dog Program - Taylor Scanlon
  • Health and Genetics Chair - Karen Hinchy (incumbent)
  • Rescue Chair - Brenda Dean
  • Regional Activities - John Habermehl (incumbent)


In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws, should we receive nominations from the general membership, an election will be held to elect the Board positions. If no additional nominations are received, the candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee will be deemed elected.

* Nominations of a candidate made by a third party must include written acceptance of the nomination by the candidate upon submission of a name.

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